Tia Prescott


Tia Prescott grew up on the West Side of Detroit and completed her Finance Degree at Michigan State University. While at Michigan State University, she served on the Executive Board for a natural hair community service organization.

Always intrigued by the natural curl of African American hair, she spent a lot of money and time in beauty supply stores buying any and every product until she found something that worked for her.

While patronizing these stores, she and her community was not always treated with respect or interest. In addition, she almost never seen a person behind the counter that knew her hair care needs, could relate to her hair care needs or even understood her hair care needs.

Tia knew she would one day open her own store to provide a safe space for men and women with kinky, coily, curly, frizzy and beautiful hair.

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Simone Hunter


Growing up on the west side of Detroit, Michigan, Simone Hunter witnessed the lack of Black representation in her community. This inspired her to become an entrepreneur and pursue a degree in Communication and Public Relations at Michigan State University.

During her undergraduate studies, Simone decided to join the natural hair movement and revert to her natural afro texture. This journey was rough because she struggled to find guidance and an effective haircare regimen from her local beauty supply stores. She would often converse with her friend, Tia Prescott, for hair care tips.

One day, Tia proposed a business venture that would later build a successful team of entrepreneurs and break into the hair care industry. Your Tia's Beauty Supply would open doors for other entrepreneurs and hand-made brands while embracing the beauty of hair in all of its natural glory.


Malcolm Olgesby


Malcolm Oglesby is one of three triplets. He was born and raised on the west side of Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Cass Technical High School, and went on to attend Michigan State University.

While a student at Michigan State, he joined a plethora of organizations such as Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences(MANNRS) and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.,  Delta Pi Chapter. 

In 2018, Malcolm graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science, in food science. Malcolm moved to San Antonio, Texas, as he is a food safety scientist for one of the largest grocery chains in the United States.